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Use the supplied image!

The Zega Mame Gear requires the image provided. You cannot use a 3rd party image as it will not contain the required drivers for the LCD, Audio and GPIO input. So don't even try. I do not support, and will not help setup, 3rd party images.

No power at all, no blue power light.

1. Ensure all connectors are securely fittied. 

2. Ensure the red cable is connected to the 5v on all connectors. 

3. Ensure your batteries are connected correctly. Please take note of the polarity of the batter. Red should be connected to + on the PCB.

The screen appears white, then black and keeps repeating

1. Have you connected at least one battery? The device needs at least one battery to work correctly. 

2. Have you charged the batteries?

3. Are you using the recommended battery? 3.7v Lithium batteries with protection circuit.


The LCD display remains black / no video

This is most commonly causes by a corrupt SD Card. Download an image and re-write your SD Card 

Version 3.x

Version 4I2S2.x


The LCD display remains white

1. Have you added a splash video? This will prevent the LCD driver from initialising. Remove the splash video.

2. Have you updated Retropie manually? This can overwrite the boot process. You will need to re-write the image to the SD Card.

3. If neither of the previous 2 apply to you then the LCD may have failed and could need replacing. Please contact me.

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